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Chris Ptown
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So one week down and four to go. I gotta tell ya that carrying around that chemo bag and being hooked up to it absolutely sucked! I was so glad to have that thing unhooked on Friday. I took the longest shower and didn't want to get out! I has a little nausea the first night and took a pill. I had a little more the fifth day but again, the pill helped. No mouth sores yet so maybe I wont get them. Not as tired as I thought I would be either. I actually wasn't that tired at all certainly not enough to take naps or anything. I think I am starting to get a little soreness from radiation in my groin area so started using the cream. My last day of radiation will be Monday, December 19 and I can't wait! I will have to strap that crappy chemo bag on again that last week but not going to think about that now. I was up in Maine visiting my mum over the weekend. Her hair is very thinned out and she has constant runny eyes from her chemo. I wish the doctors could help her and can't believe she has stage 4 lung cancer. She is a strong woman and only asks how I am doing. She had her second scan on Friday after having four chemo visits so far. The first scan showed that the tumor shrunk a little so I guess that was good. The problem is that its in her lung canals etc. The scan showed that the liquids went down a little too. I am praying that her scan results this week are good too. I dont think I can handle losing my mum she is my best friend and 78 is way too young to be passing away. I can't believe in this day and age they can't cure most cancers with whatever they need to use. I saw on the news that Joe Paterno has lung cancer and that it's curable and he will be fine. A man that helped cover up a monster who sexually abused small boys and he will be FINE! My mum who doesn't have a mean bone in her body and who has always put her family and friends before herself all her life has incurable cancer and won't be alright. Not fair at all! Sorry to get all sad on here guys. Just wanted to say thanks again to all of you for your support. You all helped me more than I can say. Counting the days until Dec 19th! Big hugs to you all! Chris


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    Hi Chris
    I am so very sorry about your Mom. My tx started on the 5th anniversary of the day my Mom died of leukemia so I know how you are feeling. If there is a hell there is a special place for Paterno and his ilk. Never be sorry for venting, you have to get rid of that poison or it will build up and it's not good. Try to keep your chin up. Dec. 19th will be here before you know it.
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    Hi Chris!
    It's good to get an update from you and I'm happy to hear that you have tolerated treatment pretty well so far. Yes, the chemo bag is definitely a "ball and chain," but it's for just one more time, so that won't be so bad. I'm glad you'll be getting your treatment finished up before the Christmas holiday. Make sure to stay well-hydrated and I think you'll do just fine.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. While I wouldn't wish cancer on anyone, it doesn't seem fair that some of the kindest and most loving humans are the ones who have to suffer with it. I wish her all the very best and I'm sure your love for her is one of the things that is keeping her going.

    Please update us when you can and know that you continue to be in the thoughts and prayers of many of us here. We know this is not easy, but you'll make it, I know for sure! Hugs!
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    During this time of your treatments you MUST focus on yourself. Even though your mom is not doing well I am sure she would want you to focus on your road to wellness. I am sure this will create less stress on her knowing you are doing everything you can do to overcome your cancer. As far as Paterno is concerned this may just be "press news" that his lung cancer is curable. He may really be worse off than is being known to the public.

    In my case I did not have any major discomfort until the 5th week of my treatment. Even then it was not as bad as the doctors had prepared me for. It was like a bad sunburn without blisters. I used Aquafor ointment and found it worked thed best on me. I also took Advil for pain rather than narcotics and found that to work fine. I think I told you this in an earlier comment.

    Also, I drank an Ensure daily to make certain I got my necessary vitamins. I found toasted cheese sandwiches, ice cream, bananas, and dill pickles agreed with me.

    Keep us posted as to you prgress. Remember this is a short term discomfort for a lifetime of good health.

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    Hi Chris!
    It's so nice to hear from you - so glad your first week of chemo went well. I'm sorry to hear about your mom - she sounds like a wonderful lady. I'm saying a prayer now that her scans will be good this week. She must have loved to see you over the weekend. Hope all continues to go well for you. Keep in touch.

  • 7243
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    Hang in there
    Hello Chris and Johnny!! So glad your 1st week went well! For me the cumulative chemo/rad got me around week five...same as mxperry. Agree with Martha...fluids fluids fluids! I so reinforce mxperry...try hard to keep the focus on you at this time. I am so sorry about your mom's struggle and sad this is all happening simultaneously...your mom knows you love her... Try to really love and be gentle with yourself. Thinking of you lots!

    Hold tight to sweet Johnny! Xo. B well!
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    I agree with everyone here
    It's good to vent and I am very sorry about your Mom. She sounds like a wonderful person. But do focus on your health. I liked drinking protein milk shakes and was able to eat apples or at least applesauce and cheese pretty much throughout the treatment except maybe not a for a few days. Ensure is a real God send and Instant Breakfast is good too. The nausea pills worked for me and I recommend you take them rather than let yourself get too sick. I took the morphine prescribed for me throughout my treatments but I was in a lot of pain down my legs already when I was diagnosed and my doctor said I would heal better without being in pain. So I recommend you listen to your body and share how you feel! Try to remember "it's passing". You will feel better no matter what, with time. I believe you said you have a nutritionist. Mine was really helpful.
    All the best,
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    Hello Chris...
    So happy to hear week 1 is done for you! My 1st week was spent in the hospital but my 2nd at home & I'd take the chemo bag any day!! Felt better being at home to move as I wanted, hug my pups, etc. Glad you're not having much nausea, I had little as well. My tummy agreed with grill cheese sandwiches, cereal, pancakes (love blueberry!), fruits, & smoothies. Hey pretty much same as now! haha!
    My (new) nutritionist has me taking digestive enzymes: fennel seed capsules, probiotic pearls, multi-enzyme tabs. Maybe these would help you. Also ginger tea for upset tummy.
    I also want to say that although its a rough time for you going thru treatment while your mum is dealing with cancer as well, remember that she needs you to take care of yourself & stay strong for her. Healing prayers on angel wings for you both....may God continue to watch over you both bringing comfort & strength.

    BTW: hang a big calender up marking the 'radiation dates' so every day you go to treatment you can cross off with a HUGE red X!! Then the closer the final date comes the better it feels!! I celebrated every day that last week with a little something: alone time to reflect at a park, a fave shake, etc.
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    Good to have you back and
    Good to have you back and sounding upbeat! I did not like the fanny pack either! I wore mine for 5 plus weeks minus weekends. I pulled it off the bed and couch so many times it's a wonder I did not pull out my Pic line! That said, I am 5 weeks out of treatment and doing well. You already have one week down.....4 more to go...then healing time.... Lorie