Anybody heard from Cheryl?

As far as I can tell, Cheryl's last post was on 11/13 and that's a bit unusual. If you're onboard Cheryl, I know you're very busy but just let us know how Ricky is doing. We are all a bunch of worry warts, you know.
Hugs to you


  • chrissiebass
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    thinking the same thing
    I had sent her a message last week, and she hasn't replied yet. If you are reading this, hope you both are ok!!!!!

    thinking of you.....

  • paul61
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    I was wondering the same thing
    I was wondering about Ricky and Cheryl as well. When things get quiet for an extended time it is often not a good sign. Cheryl, I hope things are going well for Ricky and you have just been busy with family and business obligations?

    Let us know, we worry when you are gone.

    Best Regards,

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