I know Linda P has posted several articles about tamoxifen being used to hold back growth for uterine papillary serous even if it is PR negative since recent clinical trials had shown some promise. I just had third reccurrence since diagnosis 12/08 and my onc has put me on tamoxifen. The tumors that remained in my lungs are growing (shrank 30% after last chemo jan thru June this year)and new tumors have appeared in upper lobes. he is doing combined CT/PET next week to see if can gain clearer impression of growth rates. He would like to leave me on tamoxifen 3 months and see how it does-plus both my psyche and my physical body could use a break as 6 months of Cisplatin/Adriamycin were brutal-hospital stay and transfusions required for last three treatments). While it is hard to envision letting it grow for 3 months as you can only test so much during that period, it is tempting to take that much needed break and pray the tamoxifen keeps it stable. Anyone else with discussions or feedback along these lines.


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    i took tamoxifen for 1 month, then megace for 1 month. no difference, unfortunately. i'm er+, pr-, so was hoping it would have some effect. now i'm on vitamin c infusion twice a week, with a very difficult supplement regimen and diet. no labs for another few weeks. then we'll see. i know that tamoxifen and megace have helped some women, so here's hoping for you.