RFA and a little worried

I am stage IV and have no standard treatment left according to my onc. So I have decided to go to Texas for a thoracic surgeon to perform rfa on my 8 lung mets in 2 sessions.
I'm a little apprehensive because:
1. my onc is against it (too risky she says)
2. I don't know this doctor (found him on the internet!!)
3. the hospital is not a major cancer center
4. in Canada, no doctor will do more than 3.
4. I don't know anyone who has had this many lung mets removed by rfa.

Has anyone out there have words of wisdom or experience that would confirm I'm doing the right thing?
My tumors are growing and I'm out of options.


  • Sundanceh
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    Hi TIC

    First, welcome aboard! Nice to see you.

    Let's back this train up a minute and talk about this for a couple of minutes. I've got some concerns on a couple of points that you mentioned.

    First, "found the doctor on the internet." Nothing really wrong here, I almost did the same approach when the cancer was in my liver. But, I think we can do a little bit better than this approach.

    Second, the "hospital is not a major cancer center."

    I see that you are coming to Texas. M.D. Anderson is located in Houston, TX and is one of the leading cancer hospitals in the nation. They are huge I've heard. I've got no experience with them, so I can't speak for them.

    However, I go to UTSW here in Dallas. They are now an NCI cancer center, which means they are 1st rate and on top of all the latest. And the hospitals they have: St. Paul's and Zale Lipschy are both "Teaching Hospitals."

    Which means, you've got good professors there and the latest equipment, technology and training are available. I've done 2 major lung surgeries there and have been pleased with my care there.

    The thoracic surgeon that I work with, teamed up with me and we did a robotic surgery using the da Vinci robot and became the 1st surgeon/patient tandem in North Texas to use the robot on the lung.

    It would certainly be worth a phone call to see if you can send your records and get an opinion from him on the correct approach to your situation. Or since you're coming to Texas, to visit UTSW hospital and meet with him in person.

    You are a stage IV and I feel that you should try and seek out the best possible care to address your needs. I believe in these people and my entire healthcare is with these guys now. Surgery - Oncologist - Radiation Oncologist - Colorectal Surgeon etc.etc.

    If you would like to pursue this avenue, I can send you a private message. You will see a green heading when you sign in that would say, "You Have 1 New Private Message."

    Click on it like you would open an email and the text would be in there.

    If you are coming to Texas, I would go for M.D. Anderson for South Texas OR UTSW for North Texas. Let me know if you would like the phone number and a contact name. They could help you from there.

    Think it over - I'm glad I was able to talk with you today.