Friend just had breast surgery couple weeks back and must again this week

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She had surgery & must have less intense surgery on the 22nd...she is very burned and sore from radiation and now more surgery...good news NO nodes involved...I FEEL so badly for her esp so soon..


Please keep her in your thoughts


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    Denise, I had 2 surgeries a
    Denise, I had 2 surgeries a week apart on the same area. First was a lumpectomy and the second was a re-incision to get clear markers. The second surgery was worse than the first because they cut in the same incision before the first was healed. I feel for her. If it is in her breast tell her to keep an eye out for infection from cellulitis. I was told it happens more in woman who have to get more than one breast surgery. I had it badly after the second surgery but didn't know what it was until it had gotten really bad. So make sure she keeps an eye on it.

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    I will keep her in my prayers and
    Denise, I will keep her in my prayers and thoughts. Also, give her a hug for me.