more side effects

melbas Member Posts: 43
Hey y'all, Has anyone ever had a parentisis (sp)? Where they drain your stomach of fluids? I have had to have them now for about 7 months. It used to be every 6 weeks or so, now it's about every 6 days or so, and that's cuz I put it off till the drain site heals a little. The first time, they got 2 liters and sent it to lab where it was determined that it was no cancerous fluids. Now they get about 4 - 5 liters every time, but they don't test it anymore, just drain me to give me some relief. I'm holding off right now cuz I see my GI on Friday, but what happens is that I fill up, and it pushes my diaphram up and I can't breath. There a procedures to help it but they tend to lower blood counts and platletts. So it's the classic rock and hard place situation. If any one has gone thru this or have any knowledge of, please share with me. Prayers, Melodie