I need someone with a paralyzed larnyx, and throat cancer to answer some questions?

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I just came from the docs today, good news the cancer is gone, and he said it looks permanetly gone...the bad side, he has it in his head I need to have a trach or somesort of airwave in my throat for extra oxygen, I have live wihout my trach for nearly a year, yes i get tired, and it's hard a night to sleep but i have water and a humidifier bymy bedside. This is not what I want to hear or even procede in, Cancer took enough of me and I trying to keep myself as normal as possible, I work a few days a week, and on dissability for the rest, is there someone out there that has a paralysis of the larynx, and if they have by pass any additional devices to help them breath.....I appreicate it, the Doc scared me by stating if i catch a cold or flu I would clog and quit breathing...Nice Hugh? Thanks for you help, I was having a great day. Dennis in Tn.


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    I have one that I have had for almost 3 1/2 years. I could tell the next day after having it that it helped huge. It took some time to get used to but after several months it became part of the new normal. It sure helps my breathing beyond belief. I used to have a CPAP machine and now do not need it as a trach is as my doc calls it the "ultimate CPAP". It has also helped my dryness of mouth when i sleep as I keep my mouth shut alot more.

    Have to be careful of dust, like when out raking leaves or cutting grass, sweeping patio etc.

    sounds strange but i would not give mine up

    oh ya don'g forget to have them give you speaking valve if you get one, that way people will hear you.