Eye Exam while ON Tamoxifen

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I went to routine check up for new glasses..he asked about Tamoxifen..I TOLD HIM I had been taken off it for 3 mths prior to my hysterectomy 6mths ago but back on. HE seemed very interested in info...later to find out very rare but it can effect a certain muscle or something in eyes...

Thankfully I DO NOT have that issue..



  • Rague
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    I'm on Femara and have been almost 2 years.

    Last Thursday I saw my eye dr for the first time since last Nov. When I was having some horrendous head aches around my right eye ( basocally I never have head aches at all.). Couldn' find anything wrong at the time or on MRI and 2 weeks of Dex. Daily took care of it and hasn't been back since. I was sure I'd need new glasses as was getting blurry. Turns out that I'm developing cataracts. He says it's a fairly common side effect of the radiation. Dec. 14 th I see the surgeon.

    Biggest bummer is that now I have to put off again looking into recon as that is elective and eyes aren't.