Audio Help for Caregivers

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Hi All- Not sure if this idea has been posted before. My husband is taking a lot of meds for pain control, esp. when he has flares (bone mets from prostate ca.). A couple of weeks ago, he yelled out my name from the bedroom where he was resting and scared the be-jeebies out of me and my daughter. He was really so weak from the pain meds I couldn't hear him calling my name so he had to yell poor guy.
Anyway - I had bought a fairly inexpensive little baby monitor to use when my grandbaby was visiting since her room is upstairs. Just a little audio monitor so we could hear her in the den. After the episode with my hubby I brought the monitor downstairs and plugged it in our bedroom. Now, when he's really medicated for pain or not feeling well or just needs some rest I can hear him if he calls out. Just wanted to pass this along to caregivers or for anyone who may not want to disturb someone who's resting and may need to shut the door to the room due to noise (or pets).
Prayers, hope and hugs always for all on this board, whether just visiting, new and those who (like me) have found very special friends and volumes of spirit and strength via this site.


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    Works well all around
    After both of my surgeries, my husband pulled out "Ye olde intercom system" he and his mother used to use when he was a teenager. It was a godsend! He could listen for me (to make sure I wasn't falling out of bed) and if I needed something, I didn't have to get up or yell. I just had to press the "attention" button. I highly recommend this type of system. When the patient needs to get out of bed, or negotiate stairs, this way someone knows and can be there to help.