A bit of fun

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Yesterday I had a surprise birthday party for my twin grandsons. Mom has been with me since Saturday so she was here for the party. I'm so pleased to say that she was up, moving around, going outside to the sun, talking albeit hoarse, and even eating! She ate more than I've seen her eat in a week! She ate very small portions, but she ate. She even sat for a haircut. She went down for a rest just about the time the party was ending. I'm really pleased at how well she did. Maybe the party excitement was something she needed.

Today - all day with docs. I'll take her grocery shopping, and to the bank too. I will try to get some Thai food (she loves it) and see if she'll be able to eat more.

Amid all the bad things of late, I just thought I'd post about a party for my now 7 year old grandsons. How fast time goes by! I baked them their own cake and decorated it. Thank goodness they are too young to laugh at my horrible decorating job! A real treat is letting them cut their cake and serve it.

Everyone had a great time and mom looked terrific!


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    A party!
    Sometimes I think we all get so caught up in this disease, its part of every thought and action most days. How wonderful that ur mom was up and around and enjoying life. sometimes I forget that life goes on, even if we are here in the house doing the EC dance! Grandkids are the best and we are lucky ours are right next door. They can light up my husvband and make him laugh every time! Thanks for sharing
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    It's times like this we
    It's times like this we often take for granted, but when we are living with unertainty, everything takes on so much more meaning, and we learn to enjoy every minute.
    I'm glad your mom was able to enjoy this time with family and her great grandchildren.
    Praying today will be a good one, with all the running around.
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    thanks for sharing.........
    thanks for sharing this with us Ginny, and am so glad your Mom was able to join in and enjoy the party!

    Hoping today goes well for her.

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    Good news!
    Hi Ginny,
    I'm so pleased that your mom had such fun at the party. I hope you took lots of pictures for her to look back at. Enjoy all of those good times!
    Hugs to you,
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    Birthdays are the best!
    Great news! So happy your Mom was able to attend her Great Grandsons Birthday Party! Life does go on and she was right there participating in life! About the cake Nothing is Better than a cake Grandma made, with all that you have to do with your mom you baked a cake for your Grandsons, very special and I bet it tasted good too, loll! They cut the cake and SERVED it –WOW, I like the tradition! Children are the best medicine; glad You & Mom had a good day!
    Love Erica