11-13-11 update on Mark

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Well Mark now has 24 hour nurses care, a hospital bed, a cathater are now put in place. He refuses to go to the hospice house and wants to die at home. He is not wanting to take his morphine at all but will unwillingly. He will be starting the suppositories of morphine very soon. He is much more comfortable.

So the first shift nurse will be here tonight at midnight (EDT). I still want to take his blood sugar and give him insulin when needed. I am hopeful that the nurse is nice and my dogs (two chihuahuas) don't drive us all nuts with a new person in the house. I also certainly hope that I can trust these nurses. Living in Florida I really don't trust anyone anymore. Everyone these days seems so crooked. What is wrong with people??? What is wrong with this world??? I always use to be the most trusting person but now after seeing alot of crap on the news and hearing about it through friends...forget it. I trust no one!!!!

Okay all thanks for letting me vent and speak my mind and thanks also for letting me update you on Mark. It really helps me alot...moreso than anyone will ever know!

Take care all!


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    Still praying...........
    Kelly, you are in my thoughts and prayers daily, as is Mark. You're doing a good job, hang in there girl.

    I'm right there with you about FL. What I see and hear sometimes scares the beejeebers out of me, especially in the medical industry. And when you have someone like my husband that depends so much on it, you are frightened even more. But we are "cancer poor" and can't afford to go anywhere else, so we pray for the best. (at least we're not in PA. eewww, that was uncalled for, wasn't it?)

    Hugs & kisses and take care, Kelly.
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    Hi Kelly and Mark
    Hang in there.
    Thank you for being such a strong and good person.

    Hopefully the chihuahuas won't turn into "ankle piranhas"
    unless the nurses deserve it :).

    Hugs and forgive my crazy sense of humor,