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Hi. If you've ever been seen at a Mayo Clinic, would you please share your experience with me in regards to how your at home drs reacted to your decision? My home state drs haven't been too accepting! new dr has been down right RUDE and HATEFUL and that is the only reason I can come up with.

Thank you for sharing!



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    What state are you in?
    I think it is good to have a second opinion or consultation with reputable institution, however if you need treatment I think you still need a good clinic within driving distance from your home. Dealing with rude and hateful doctors unacceptable.
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    Dear Brooklyn,

    I have never been to Mayo Clinic, so no help there.

    New Flower is correct in stating that if you need treatment you will need a facility within driving distance from your home. Perhaps, money is not a problem and are able to fly to a larger treatment center.

    I've had my share of doctor for my many medical issues. I always think of it like this, I am paying them for their expertise and don't need to fall in love with them.

    One doctor I didn't like on my initial visit. I read his notes sent to another doctor and realized that he was an excellent diagnostician. As I got to know him, I admired him more and more. Don't let an initial impression sour you forever.

    Best to you,