I found some LE websites to share.

I have been trying to do some research on MLD and mets. I found some websites to share for those of you with lymphedema.

http://www.lymphedema-clinic.com/navid.1/lymphedema.htm This is where I would like to go for my LE treatments...it's a beautiful spa in Austria. There is also some great information on this site about the history of MLD.

http://www.lymphnet.org/lymphedemaFAQs/overview.htm I liked their FAQ information which includes link to questions and articles in their newsletter.

http://www.lymphnotes.com/article.php/id/459/ This site has an extensive table of contents and a discussion forum.




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    LindaThank you
    Thank you for sharing. I will take a look at these sites.
    I spoke with my therapist about your situation and did little reading too. Of course she think you need to talk to your therapist. Her recommendation is to avoid strokes across the chest and redirect to the groin nodes/ area only. Since everyone's technique is different, you and your therapist probably can figure out how to drain and re-direct liquid from your hand, arm and ribs to your groin nodes.
    I hope it helps in some way.

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    Thanks for the info. I will
    Thanks for the info. I will pass it on to others with lymphedema. :-)