Can Ancient Herbs Treat Cancer?

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New testing done by FDA. Here is the link to the article.,8599,1671684,00.html

Just thought I would post as it is talking about breast cancer.
I do not have breast cancer but uterine cancer. Found the article interesting and hopefully find cures for this and other cancers too by other methods and herbs. trish


  • Lynn Smith
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    My friend
    I am sure this works.I don't eat good and know it.My best thing is broccoli and brussel sprouts.I could eat that all the time but then would be sick of it.

    Below is what a friend did and what she went through.

    My friend wanted to get on a health kick.She went to a person who believed in holistic treatment.No illness for her but just tired and stressed.She found a guy.Then started taking
    things and trying to re-sell some of it.Telling me and a few other friends how it was helping her.I didn't buy it.She was dx with cancer just outside the cervix many years ago.Only had that area removed.It was on the outside.Then was the healthy kick she went on.Got cancer again the same place.Didn't have a hysterocomy.They got it all but I wondered.Then a few years later I got a call telling me she had cancer and it was everyhere.Brain, liver, and lungs.I was shocked.Healthy didn't work for her.She had been dx I know years before but after taking this stuff there was times she couldn't or wouldn't get out of bed.She went downhill.I know of one person who tried what she took and she said it was the most awful tasting stuff.

    Headaches is what her sympton was the last bout of cancer. She was begging for others pain pills.People told her to see a doctor. She was given 6 weeks if no chemo.She had 1 treatment and decided no more.She passed away in 3 months.

    My doctor told me to stay away from soy.That is what alot of vegetarians eat.I know a 26 year old that never ate meat.She is a vegan.She is now a bc survivor.Dx 2 years ago same year as me.

    Lynn Smith