100% and then you have a chance!

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only read this if you want a little inspiration!!!!!!!!!

who said this to me ?

95% will not get you there.

100% percent and you may have a chance.

on the dvd cover its written

to peter, ellie, melanie and keith.
"never stop believing" stephen bock 61st australian everest summitteer.

i listened to his speech a few nights ago, i shook his hand. That hand has been to the top of everest. Stephens focus really touched my soul. i showed the wife and kids the dvd last night. they loved it as well. and no its not the next family holiday.

this LIFE message as my legacy for the kids and wife just in case i get run over by a bus.

pete 100%anticancer

ps stephens father passed away due to crc, on his expedition was a girl representing bowel cancer australia. she carried a coin to the top of everest.


sandy and i spoke at the bowel cancer australia annual charity dinner this time last year. i think my speech was to radical, i never got any other speaking invitations. probably for the best.
Its my time to heal and be healthy.


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    at least it inspired me!
    one last bump to see if anyone wants to climb everest with me,
    i am not talking about the real everest, although that would be nice.

    I am talking about my everest which is not just surviving but thriving on my cancer healing journey, however long that is.