Chemo and radiation side affects on pelvic area

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hi.. I am a mom of a survivor of Rabdo.. she is 6 yrs out.. she was diagnosed at age 4 with stage 4..her tumor sat on her uterus and was all over her abdomine area... she was treated for two yrs.. did the national protocal.. she and her tumor were so responsive to her chemo and radiation we blessed..

we are now having side affect issues with her treatments and I am beyond scared... did you have any side affect issues with bone growth? as of right now we are not sure how many eggs she considering having them harvested b/c they are expecting her to have a very low amount.. and if she will have the correct amount of hormones for regular development into womanhood.. is there anyone who can help with this?

recently Emmabean had screws put in her femurs b/c the balls of the bones were slipping off her growth plates.. Im so afraid she will never walk properly again and may need lifts on her shoes.. is there anyone out there with the same issues that can shed some light on this?

I am wondering what I am missing.. all of this info has come to me so quickly I now want to know what I can do to be prepared for what else is to be expected from her cancer treatments.. there is no hand book for after care.. what to expect ... and be prepared for.. what is my daughters future.. there is so much info out there why cant we have this easly available for peopellike us? ok sorry i wont rant..

thank you for stopping by and reading.. I want my daughter to have the best possible chance to be normal and have a future with children in it.. Im almost ready to have a fund raiser to harvest her eggs.. am I crazy?

god bless