AUS Failure

My prostate was removed. I had an AUS installed in October 2010, it never worked properly. In March 2011 the doctor installed a second cuff for the AUS. Urine control improved slightly, but was still unacceptable. In July 2011 the AUS totally failed, the balloon that holds the AUS fluid ruptured. In early October 2011, the failed AUS was removed and replaced with a new AUS, which was activated after 4 weeks. The new AUS is not working either, I am almost totally incontinent.

After 3 failed AUS surgeries, I am at a loss for what to try next.

I am looking for a doctor who is a REAL expert in male incontinence who will enable me to regain urinary continence. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • Swingshiftworker
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    Someone Here Should Be Able To Help You
    Sorry to hear about your post-surgical problems w/incontinence and the failed AUS implantations.

    There are several others here who have successfully had or are contemplating the implantation of an AUS, who should be able to refer you to a competent physician to assist you.

    Good luck!
  • Cherokee6
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    Thank you for your post. I too am totally incontinent two years post robotic prostitectomy and contemplating an artificial sphincter. I have two friends that have had it done one worked for about 18 months and then failed, the other just got his about two months ago and so far so good. I' ll be monitoring him to see how he progresses. I would like to know your progression also so please keep us informed.