Dad's Endoscopy Results

My Dad has a stomach blockage. He is now on a liquid diet for the next three weeks. (Poor guy) really wants to eat and not drink.) But we are happy that this could be the issue.

However, we are not sure what caused the blockage in the first place because they couldn't get around the food, undigested pills and what not to look at it.

So it is my understanding that all this liquid will wash the food through.

They still want him to drink boost, but no egg nog (which has been his favorite way to get calories).

I think this is an okay speed bump. I will have to go home next week so he is not going to have the energy still probably to do much, but at least we know it isn't more serious.

Maybe once all the liquid washes the stomach out he will be okay to eat again?
Has anyone else experienced this?

I appreciate all the responses and kindness from everyone on here. I know my sister will have 101 questions, but I can't get her on here, and so will my dad, who is glad I have been on here. Each of you has truly been a Godsend to me and my family.

Daughter of Roy
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  • MissusB
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    So glad you're getting some answers...
    So glad you're getting some answers, Beth! I'm holding good thoughts for your daddy...Please keep us posted. Kim
  • jim2011
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    Hi Beth,
    So are the docs planning on going back down with the scope in a few weeks? I have never experienced this that far down. I suppose his stomach has been formed and stapled into a tube like mine so any little narrowing or inflamation could cause food and such to get stuck. I hope and pray for the best.
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    Beth, I hope your father finds relief from his blockage. I am glad the docs' were able to diagnose the problem. Take Care.