Possible endometrium abliation next Wed but I have no bleeding

I am 51 years old and have been on tamoxafen for a little over three months for breast cancer. I was told by my oncologist that my periods would probably stop. I was recently tested and am not in menopause yet but have not had a period in three months. I have been having severe cramping and after transvaginal ultrasound, diagonosed with mild heterogeneous echogenicity of the endometrium with endometrial thickness measuring 1.1 cm in thickness. I had an ultrasound the first of the year and my results were completely normal. My gynecologist is planning a D&C, hystesrcopic surgery and possible endomitrium ablitation. After doing countless research, I have never read anywhere that endomitrium abliation was done for not bleeding. Tomaxafen is known to thicken your lining and also can cause endometrium cancer. I believe I read somewhere that if you have an endomitrium biopsy you should not have your lining removed until is is determined whether it is cancer. My doctor tells me he will examine the lining (tissue, whatever) before deciding on endomitrium ablitation. I'm so confused. Any thoughts on the above would be truely appreciated.


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    I was 47 when I started
    I was 47 when I started tamoxifen for a breast cancer recurrence. I never had another menstrual period however i always felt like I was continuing to go thru the normal hormonal cycle. After over 6.5 yrs on tamoxifen, I experienced sudden significant uterine bleeding and underwent a D&C with hysteroscopy. After this, as the bleeding was resolving (and it eventually completely resolved), endometrial ablation was recommended in a menu that included hysterectomy as options to prevent further problems. The ablation is supposed to destroy the endometrium. Since all issues completely resolved I did not pursue any of the options. At that time I changed from tamoxifen to Femara. The recommendation here may be to hopefully mitigate ant potential bleeding issues. I don't know if this helps you any but I would try to get clarification as to what purpose the ablation is to serve. I had developed numerous large polyps which were causing my bleeding.