possible reccurrence in lymph nodes?


Was looking for advice please. My mum who is 70 had uterine cancer last year, had the full works hysto, chemo and radio. All has been well until last May when at a routine check up a lump was found in her collar bone, we had a ultra sound and the doctor said it was ok and didnt need a needle biopsy. Now a couple of months down the line mum has pain in her shoulder blade and when she takes a deep breath it hurts. We have been to the doctor and he has ordered a xray so now we have to wait. We are really worried but i just wanted to know for you ladys who have had a reccurrence did you have any pain. Mum had stage 2 grade 3
Many thanks for your time.


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    supraclavicular lymph nodes
    I had recurrence in the nodes in the left side of my collarbone. No pain but I noticed lump and brought it to my doctor's attention. He did a PET/CT scan (this area lit up) and then referred me to a EENT who surgically removed it and biopsy confirmed recurrence of UPSC. I then had a combination of chemo and radiation which took care of it.

    There is another thread about recurrence in lymph nodes - check out info there.

    Keep us posted. Best wishes to you and your mum. Mary Ann