home surgery went well

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Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers,Sorry for not posting sooner. My oldest daughter has been here from Minnesota.
I came home Thursday night,the surgery was not that bad and painful. I think the port was more sore than the surgery was. I have the exspander in and it feels weird. I still have my drains they are sore as well and I go to the Dr today both the cancer Dr and the plastic Dr. Will find out then about the lymph nodes he took out and how bad the cancer is and when I start chemo. Hope no radiation.

I had a bad day on Sunday after I came home had a ambulance ride back to the hospital. I think I had a mini stroke but they say a panic attack. I had numb arms,legs,face,trouble swallowing and my left eye was fully dilated.They gave me a cat scan, chest xrays,blood tests,EKG and all came back with nothing wrong.They said something wrong with my optical nerve. Any ways have been good since.I did not have to stay.

I will post again after the Dr..


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    Glad you are home and sorry
    Glad you are home and sorry for the scare on Sunday. I will be praying that you will recover quickly.

    Thanks for posting!

    Hugs, Angie