Some of us CAN'T get this DPD enzyme test!

Chris Ptown
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My doctors at Mass General North said they do not perform the DPD enzyme test. I am scheduled to start treatment Monday and I can't just go somewhere else now where they will do the test on me. I am staying with my sister and her husband which is near Danvers where MGH North is located. I do not have a choice. Now this test and the toxic outcome for some is all I can think about after reading about it on here. I really think I should stop reading this board because I am going crazy about this and scared about being given the chemo on Monday. I really think I am losing my mind.


  • mxperry220
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    Your Doctors Know What Is Best For You
    Your doctors are professionals and they know what your body will tolerate. Your MUST trust them and calm down. Yes the chemos are toxic but this is the only way your cancer can be cured. Many of us have been through this with no reactions to the chemo. The doctors are there to make you well. I would suggest staying off this board until you have your first week of treatments.