Going to New Orleans Prayers for Mom


I am asking for prayers for my mom this week and next. As many of you know my dad passed away in June after a long battle with the beast. Although, he left mom with a nice pension she is unable to stay in the home they shared for almost 40 years.

We fortunately have been able to sell it in this horrible market, and thank God she will have a nice extra cushion. But leaving their home is really difficult and moving from a 6000 square foot home to a 1200 square foot apartment will be quite an adjustment. I am going down this week and next to help her with the move, packing and closing on the house. My eldest daughter is flying in to help and one of my neices has come to help - plus my brother lives in New Orleans and is helping too.

I know this is going to be a difficult adjustment for her as she is dealing with the loss of my dad. She told me the other night she keeps his picture next to the bed and tells him good morning every day and good night when she is going to sleep. I know this is going to bring back all those feeling of losing him all over again. So I ask for prayers for her as she lets go of their home - which they had just totally redone after Katrina.

Thank you to everyone,


  • Luvs24
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    Prayers for you and your family...

    This is going to be very difficult indeed and I am so glad to hear that your daughter and family will also be there.

    My thoughts and prayers are you with you and your family.

    God Bless,
  • TerryV
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    I can only imagine how difficult....
    I'm so sorry that she will be unable to remain in her home. It's good that family will be around her as she makes this transition, but still....

    Prayers and strength to your mom as she moves into her new abode. Prayers that she is able to make it a "home" where she can find comfort.

    Best wishes to you all as you help her!

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    Prayers are being sent. I
    Prayers are being sent. I wish you both the best in the upcoming days.
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    Prayers for your mom

    I know the packing process will bring back many memories for your mom. As each item is packed that they have purchased together, or reminds your mom of shopping trips they have made together the memories will come forward.

    I am so glad that she will have her family around her during this difficult task.

    She will be in my prayers,

    Best Regards,

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    I know your battle with dad well as Vince was going thru it at the same time. Yes it will be hard for mom but with you and your daughter helping it will be better. I am so sorry for all of the sadness we have to go thru Cindy. You are all in my prayers