A little more good news (Returning to work)

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My friends. We have had more than our fair share of bad news here lately, myself included. As you know, I just returned from Pittsburgh with good news but it was a little short of the completely clean bill of health I had hoped for. With that caveat, I am happy to share a little good news.

I have been cleared to return to work on November 14th. As I have previously posted, I work for an incredible employer (a local hospital) that has held my position for six months now. As many of you know, federal (US) law only requires them to hold it for 12 weeks with FMLA. I am a systems engineer and always felt a sense of pride that, although I didn't directly help patients, I helped provide the clinicians the information they needed to help people. After being through the system, I return to work even more proud of what I do.

Although I have been approved for Social Security Disability, I need to return to work for a couple of reasons. First, I can't sit around the house waiting for the bad news that may or may not come in January. Secondly, even though I have been approved for SSD and will start drawing this month, I will not qualify for Medicare for another 24 months. I will draw too much to qualify for the lower income insurance (Medicaid) but I will not draw enough to pay COBRA to keep my employer provided insurance. Long story short, if I don't return to work, I have no insurance. That in itself scares the hell outta me in the event that the future news isn't good for me but I've learned not to think to far ahead of this disease.

Returning to work will provide me a little bit of normalcy while we see what the future holds. Even with the return of a little normalcy, EC will always be a part of my life and I will always hold my friends here close to my heart. As such, I will still be an active participant here. This site has helped me with my journey so much, I can only hope to be of some small bit of help to someone else.

So, please join my family and I in celebrating this good news of a return to work. I know my wife will be happy to not have to clean around me. ;)


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    Good for you!
    Jimbo, I am so glad to hear you've been cleared to return to work soon. If you're anything like me, it will be good to get back to a "normal" routine. Honestly, I made my biggest gains in strength and energy once I returned to work. Of course, you have the added incentive of the insurance thing!!!
    As much as I would have liked to have worked during my chemo/radiation time, I knew being a teacher meant not going into the hotbed of germs that schools provide. I also knew that being out sporadically would affect my students in a bad way, especially since I teach one of those high stakes subjects that is state-tested every year (algebra). So I took off until I was able to return from my surgery.
    Boy, is it ever good to be back. I returned to work full-time last school year, and so far, I've only been absent one day. Not bad, huh?
    Anyway, I sure hope everything continues to go well for you and that you get nothing except good news! As always, you'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

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    Jimbo, I think it's great to
    Jimbo, I think it's great to be able to return to work.It puts some normalsy back in your life. My job was held for a year, but I wasn't able to go back then. Fortunately I did qualify to go on medicare and to get a suppliment medicare policy. I never wanted to quit work completely but I had no choice. I am enjoying my retirement now.I guess I got lazy.
    If needed, I'm sure you could reapply for SSD, But my prayers are this will never be.
    I'm praying for complete healing,
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    It is wonderful news that you have been approved to return to work. I am retired; but I was involved in volunteer activities and community activities prior to my diagnosis with EC. Getting back to the structure and social aspects of those activities really went a long way in improving my "one day at a time skills".

    And as you said, I am sure my wife was happy to have some "space" will I was otherwise occupied.:)

    Best of Luck on your return.

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    Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance!
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    Celebrating! Way to go!!
    So glad you've got the all clear to return to work. You Will enjoy it. Bill enjoys going to work every day. Gets tired but loves being out and about. So, party on. Please keep us updated. BMGky
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    BMGky said:

    Celebrating! Way to go!!
    So glad you've got the all clear to return to work. You Will enjoy it. Bill enjoys going to work every day. Gets tired but loves being out and about. So, party on. Please keep us updated. BMGky

    Great News! You must be
    Great News! You must be thrilled. Way to go!
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    Ginny_B said:

    Great News! You must be
    Great News! You must be thrilled. Way to go!

    Great news! :):):)

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    I am sure never has anyone been so happy to return to work! It's amazing how EC changes us, and how things we maybe thought we wished we didn't have to do, now become a source of great joy! Have a wonderful time at work and be sure and tell your wife how great the house looks when you get home!
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    Glad you've gotten the "go ahead"
    Work is a great escape sometimes. It will be wonderful for you to be busy and have something to do other than fret about the EC. Sometimes we all get too caught up in our own naval lint :) Totally understandable when the "lint" is EC though.....

    Your employer sounds like they are "tops". Really amazing for a company or not for profit to go that extra mile these days. So few do. You must be a very valued employee!

    Enjoy the return to work! I'm a Systems Admin myself - can't imagine life without work.

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    So pleased, it is the little things that keep us going and being able to go back to work will allow you some normalacy, I know with my husband that is what keeps him sane, thanks for sharing the good news.