Has anyone had to have alot of blood

Hi again everyone!!!

I an back out of the hospital.BUT the doctor called this morning and said my CBC level showed that I needed 2 units of blood. The doc nor I know why or where the blood is going. This is the 5th unit of blood that I've had to have since my hysterectomy on October 11th and no visible signs of blood loss anywhere. I mean actually this will mean my 11th and 12th units since January but we know that I was bleeding vaginally so bad but my gyn told me it was nornal with long exposure to depo shots but I had no choice but to stay on them because I have polycystic ovarian syndrome plus other problems (nothing to do with birth control) we were never able to have kide,so then went to new doc in July and found cancer really bad. Now sitting in this cubicle all alone,hubby already bored to death and the blood bank still hasn't even delivered the blood that will take a good 5-6 hours to infuse, so alone I will be here in pain.

Anyway, sorry got off track has anyone had trouble keeping blood levels up BEFORE chemo or radiation even began? hope many reply



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    Need for Blood


    I didn't need transfusions until after I'd finished my 5th round of chemo (had also had quite a bit of radiation as well). My hemoglobin had sunk to 7.3 at its lowest, so doctor ordered a transfusion, bringing it up to 10.1.

    But I needed a second one as well after 6th chemo treatment because I was just returning to full-time job and feeling weak--for the first time in nine months of treatment. So I had a second transfusion, which brought hemo up again to about 10.

    I don't think there are many risks of transfusion but if you have them often, be sure to watch that your blood ferritin levels don't become way too high. (Normal is 100-200; if your ferritin levels are much higher than 200 you gradually want to bring them down; a good integrative doctor can help get them down via chelating supplements such as IP-6 or Pecta-Sol C.)

    Don't despair; transfusions are quite frequent, I was told, both before and after chemo.