Looking for patients that have had successful partial open Nephrectomy on both kidneys

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My husband was diagnosed out of the blue with masses on both kidneys a few months back....he had a partial open nephrectomy Aug 16, 2011 on his left kidney and is scheduled for the same on the right kidney Nov. 22, 2011...our Surgeon at Duke Hospital, NC says it is quite common to have tumors in both kidneys. He would like to be feeling even better before having the right done but is concerned about waiting too long. The first surgery was clean on the margins and 2 tumors were removed. The right kidney has a small tumor and the adrenl gland has to be removed (it is inactive). We are just so scared to have this done all over again but have no choice.
So far haven't been able to find anyone on message boards that had both done.
Thank You


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    I am not in this situation and can't imagine the worry. I can't offer you any advice, but I promise to keep both you and your husband in my prayers.
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    Bilateral cancer
    Hi - Cynn1947

    Sorry that you and your hub have the need for this quest but on the bright side we found each other! I have been looking for someone with Bilateral cancer also. See my post "Bilateral RCC" for my story.

    I had open partials 6/20/11 and 8/8/11. Tumors were about the size of ping pong balls when removed. Left 1st removed 30% of kidney, right removed 20% of kidney.

    Bilateral tumors that start their growth at about the same time are not common, only about 6% of new Dx. My Urologist has been practicing for 14 years and I was his first bilateral. Bilateral cancer where the cancer mets from one kidney to the other over time is more common.

    Both of my surgeries went well with clean margins on both. They were 6 weeks apart and I was feeling good when it was time for #2. I like to joke about my 12" twins!

    For me the recoveries were very similar and at this point I feel about 98% back to normal. A little weak in the abs but getting better.

    Being scared is normal and it's not any easier the second go round but it sure is a big relief to have that crap out of ya!

    My story is "I'm cured." and I'm stick'n to it!

    Best wishes for you and hub!