Doctors in the MD/DC/PA area

My friend was recently diagnosed with esophageal cancer with mets to the liver and lymph nodes in the neck. According to his doctor, the only treatment he can undergo is chemotherapy. I was wondering if anyone had or knew of doctors in the area (or anywhere on the east coast for that matter) that were willing to try some alternative treatments. Or if there were any doctors that were willing to try experiemental treatments or that were just gung-ho about therapy. My friend is a 60 year old male and they only discovered his esophageal cancer after undergoing open-heart surgery.

We've found cases where doctors will surgically remove mets from the liver and perform an esophagectomy, then follow up with chemotherapy. Do you guys know of any doctors that are willing to do this? My friend is a fighter, he will try anything and do anything to survive this disease. Any help or just pointing us in the right direction would be a huge help. Thank you very much!