lack of apetite

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My wife has lost her apetite any ideas how I can tempt her? (no force please)also she seems to sleep allday


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    Sorry if I don't remember off the top of my head, but what limitations does she have? Chewing? Swallowing? Nausea?

    In general, I'd suggest small "buffets" - a plate with 4 or 5 very small servings of food. Maybe a small bit of egg salad (with Old Bay if she's from MD) on shredded lettuce or kale, some savory vegetables (green beans cooked in V8 is a favorite in my house), maybe a bit of soft meat (pulled pork, pot roast, shredded chicken) and a starch (like mashed potatoes, rice or noodles). I'd avoid anything greasy, as that does kill the appetite.

    I had to feed a friend who had hepatitis for a while - he also had no appetite. He really went for vinegary things - BBQ pork, coleslaw (I made a no-fat version) and cucumber salad. I'd add that last to the sample menu - thin slices of cucumber, dill (fresh if you have it), white vinegar, a bit of sugar, salt to taste.

    I'm not much of a cook, but I did work hard to make tempting things for my husband when he had no appetite. However, the thing that broke my husband's "eating barrier" was Giant rotisserie chicken - he was eating his plain mashed potatoes and I had some left-over rotisserie chicken (from when I was too tired to cook). He grabbed a wing and ate it - first "chewing" food he'd had for weeks. Things got better after that.

    The message is: cook tasty things if you can, but a trip by your supermarket heat-and-eat counter might also work.
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    Magic Mineral Broth
    Write Rebecca Katz in your search engine. Magic Mineral Broth recipe is on her site. Last year when it started to hurt to drink water this recipe was sent to me. Rebecca Katz is a chef and has worked with cancer patients. She works hard to make things taste good and the aroma of the cooking stimulated the appetite. She is great, I also have her cookbooks, there are some recipes online. Good luck to you and your wife.