Dentist appointment

Just had my teeth cleaned 3 months post neck dissection. Good report but I didn't get anything out of the treasure box. Well, I guess I did, new toothbrush and more Biotene. My backround with the dentist, as a child had horrible experiences, as an adult, I had my kids visit first and if all went well then I would go. I have a great dentist and his team are all good also. Had my teeth cleaned, never thought about taking some of my meds afterwards--by bed time--throb, throb, pain, needles. I haven't had much feeling in neck or ear since the surgery. Oh my goodness, I felt everything in the area of all of those nerves that had been cut in July. I guess I can consider it physical therapy. Dental Hygienist is very gentle. In fact he is always looking up information about head, neck cancer and sharing it with me.


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    Check your mouth
    Invariably they will cause some minor trauma inside your mouth just from normal procedures. If in the next day or two you discover a bruise or swelling inside the mouth it helps the anxiety levels to be able to attribute the damage to the dentist visit.
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    Size Matters
    If you are like me and several on here, how far you can open your mouth may be a factor as well.

    I don't have near the problems as Hondo or others. But apparently I can't open my mouth as far as before..or it's just my new dentist, not sure.

    During the visit where I had a crown put it, he had to keep unlocking my jaw to open it a little further.

    After about the 7th or 8th time, he stuck some wedge like device in there to keep it open.

    Later my jaw was hurting also....

    Although this last visit just a few weeks ago, regular deep cleaning and X-Rays, he didn't need to, but wasn't in there tha long.

    On a good note...2 1/2 years post rads and no cavities...wohoo....

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    Hi Teacher

    That sounds about normal I never have problems till someone messes with my head or mouth and then it is pain Pain PAin PAIn PAIN. I was doing acupuncture but the pain got so bad I had to stop it for a while, I do plan to try it again after this sinus infection is cleared up.

    Very importance is to keep our teeth cleaned