Update on sad CT and pet

First Dx July 2010, Tx hyst etc, chemo
Oct 2011
Recurrence, bad CT 7 months after end of Chemo. Tumor .

Oct 24 surgery

Just got home to from surgery in Mt Sinai, NY were my doc did resection of colon and totally removed tumor. Pathology should be in in a few days. Hydrooxycode great pain killer! I'm a bit loopy but happy loopy.  In Israel, Most wanted to shrink tumor with Chemo then operate. I just couldn't handle living with tumor in me and chemo weakening me further prior to operating. Dr says he did 'reset' and now I am back to original post surgical self where I was post surgery one. I'm still a sick BUNNY with Stage IV B endometrial ca but area is clear of tumors and larger microscopic badguys.
This time round need chemo also in maintenance and more CT and pet scans to monitor. Also Dr Judah Folkman angiogenisis meds Avastin. Read up on his life Amazing. Book Folkmans War.
Doc says my physical health going into this difficult surgery is better than last year!
I owe it to you gals, David Servan Screiber book and diet.


  • daisy366
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    Way to go, Sara. You made
    Way to go, Sara. You made decisions that were best for you!!!! Glad you are home and healing from surgery. Your strong body will continue to help you in this. It sounds like you have great doctors.

    Thanks for keeping us posted. Mary Ann
  • zarkapopovic
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    Sad CT and PET
    Hi Sara,

    Here's toasting to you moving forward! Glad that the surgery was successful. Do keep everyone posted.

    Zarka P.
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    Sara glad you are home
    Glad the surgery is over and you are doing okay. Good luck with your future treatments and tests. In peace and caring.
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    Great news, Sara, that the
    Great news, Sara, that the tumor could be resected and you're in recovery mode. What chemo will you be doing in addition to the Avastin? I'm glad all has gone well.
    Annie (stage 4B also)