appetite loss... any ideas?

ok, i had underwent an open-type surgery when i was about 8 yrs old to put a clamp or something on an enlarged left kidney i had due to backed up fluids. problems happened as i got older (24 years old now) and had to have my left kidney removed 4/5 years ago due to a single kidney stone the size of my kidney. i was young (still am i guess) and didnt pay a whole lot of attention to my diet like i should have. just seen something on the dr. oz show about kidney failure and disease and things like that and it kind of scared me, for my children's sake anyways. im going to start following guidelines from a pamphlet i seen and hopefully things will be great. im not saying there is anything wrong with me, now, except a big loss in appetite for the past few months, which is causing a noticeable loss in weight. just not feeling like eating and usually dont eat until late in the day (which isnt, good i know) but does anybody have any suggestions about getting my appetite back to where it should be? i know this site is for cancer patients/survivors but im hoping to get any kind of info/feedback i can to help prevent. thank you and god bless everyone, prayers are with those who are sick


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    One Kidney
    Most of us on this board share your concern of only having one kidney. Whether the appetitite loss is connected is anyone's guess. However the fact that you have only one Kidney and the appetite loss should be monitored with your doctor. A GFR bloodtest can monitor loss of Kidney Function and if that is the case you should see a nephrologist as well.