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Had my husbands scan results 27th, he with the naked eye can not see any more ascites build up, after 5 rounds of chemo. His oncologist want him to have 3 more then maybe a chemo break, then go on from there. Anyone been in a similar position?


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    Yes, and I don't think I'm
    Yes, and I don't think I'm alone. My oncologist didn't do CT checkups so frequently. I only had three to start with to try to find the cancer, then a PET scan half way through treatment. I was on Carbo/Taxol for 11 months before they took me off it. The CA125 started going up before I finished it however - "losing its effect". I've been on a break from chemo now for over two months I thins (my sense of time is lousy) but now that may CA125 is jumping up in higher numbers and I've had a cough over the last two weeks, he thinks it's time for me to have another CT scan to see if the cough of just asthma (as it feels to be)

    Yes, we seem all to follow a similar path here