Liver Cancer patient from China

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Dear all,

My dad was diagnosed with liver cancer (HCC) on Sep 14th this year, with tumor at size of 10.5cm. My family is from a northern city in China, and we went to Beijing for a 2nd opinion, the doctor confirmed the diagnosis, based on the CT scan and the AFP test, we didn't do the biopsy.

So far my dad had received 2 tace treatments (one on 9/22, one on 10/25) His AFP is above 1200, and the before this treatment, the doctor found out his liver cirrhosis. So far the cancer seems to be controlled, and it has not spreaded to other organs.

I found out the CSN community last night, and really glad to know there is a support system online. If possible, we would like to hear the opinion of an American doctor as the medical research here is more advanced,but I don't know if any doctors will be able to do it since the patient is not here. Does anyone know if I can go to the hospital with my dad's test results and CT to see a doctor?

Also, has any of you heard of an immune booster called "MGN-3"? I was recommended this supplement by someone in California, and he told me the MGN-3 will increase the activity of human immune cells NK, and therefore kills the cancer cell.

During my dad's stay in hospital, we met many cancer liver patients (50% of the liver cancer is in Asia), and there has been some Chinese medicine used there, I can write another thread about this if anyone is interested.

Thank you all so much for you help.