Finally got a copy of path report

My endo cancer is StageIIIc Grade II whatever this means, the "resident" said it was a part of my chart and needed to stay intact. This just happened to come in a day with alot of other bull**** well finally they had the chaplain come into the unit (the hospital has a unit for gyn-oncology)anyway, she came in and we talked for awhile and when she left I was brought in a copy of pathology report and a boatload of other things. It also says that it is called Adenocarcinoma Endometrioid Type is this common type of endometrial cancer?
The lymph nodes on the right side they found cancer in 7 of 12 and on the left 3 of 9.
I cannot get a good answer from anyone wheter this is good or bad or very bad just that they are telling my husband and I that I need to go home under supportive nusing care. They came out for the first time today, interesting! She was so very nice. She told us how that this is a step up from just plain home health nursing care. I had a hohn placed before I was discharged. It has been a blessing. The nurse said that they would be out to the house about 3 times a week plus be on call 24/7. Maybe this is what this disease calls for?



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    Hi, Tracie
    Sorry you have had such a rough go of it. You can find a lot of information and the "Grade" question answered here:

    This is about staging:

    BUT.....your doctor should be answering all your questions based on your pathology report because it is confusing. You should call him/her on Monday and insist that you have your questions answered. It is your right and something you need. Do not be afraid to push for answers.

    Have you been told what your follow-up treatment will be, and when?

    I think the supportive nursing care sounds wonderful and should relieve a lot of anxiety.

    Best wishes.

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    I had to go back and find your other posts to figure out why you needed home nursing care as it does not normally come with a diagnosis of uterine cancer. It sounds like they want to get you healthy so they can start with treatment but I'm amazed they didn't discuss your options with you. You need to ask questions, girl...of course I'm one to talk...I get to chit chatting with the doctors and then end up forgetting all the questions I was suppose to ask.

    I googled your cancer type and it looks like you have a common type of uterine cancer which is highly treatable even if it is in your lymph nodes. However that is really something you need to ask the doctor. When I was first told of the type of a cancer I had as I lay in the hospital bed, I asked the doctor to spell it and he gave me a weary look and said..."do you have one of those smartphones" which of course I did...I think the doctors frown on using google as prognosis tool.

    Take care,
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    Coping with your Illness
    Congratulations for standing up for yourself when you are sick and anxious. There is a patient bill of rights that guarrantees your rights. Your chart is just that: it belongs to you. You should be able to get an entire copy of your chart if you wish.

    Your Doctor still needs to explain to you what your pathology report means and you have a right to have this done. It is covered in the bill of rights. I googled Bill of Rights and there is so much information with all the proposed health changes; don't get discouraged. Ask for your a copy of your hospital's bill of rights as they do not seem to be aware of it. My little hospital has a copy of it hanging in the bathroom and in the room!

    I still think you would feel better with one Doctor to explain things to you. Don't be shy. I am glad the Chaplain helped you but all of the staff and nurses should be helping you with your questions, you should not have to search your diagnosis yourself.

    Keep going,

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    I was diagnosed with Clear Cell Adenocarcinoma last year.
    I finished chemo over 3 months ago.
    Mine was stage 2, grade 3.

    There is treatment for your type.
    Make a list of all the questions you wan to ask your doctor.
    Like someone else mentioned before, your doctor should be able to answer most of the questions you might have, especially the ones about stage and grade.

    Please keep us posted. I am praying for you. :)