Will to survive

Heeran Member Posts: 171
While I was waiting in the lobby during my mom's radiation session, the next person for treatment sat next to me. She looked to be in her 60's . 3 years ago, she fought breast cancer. Now she is fighting colon cancer with chemo/radiation. Then she will have surgery. then they will send her home with 5 months of continuous chemo. If that wasn't enough to make my heart sink, she's right in the middle of divorce. Plus her elderly mother is on the verge of dying. I asked if she has any children who can help. She said she has 1 son who is disabled so she will have to designate a guardian for him. But...

She has the will to survive. She did it before and she was determined to do it again. With all of the ups and downs of cancer for both the cancer patients and care takers, this site just proves that we are all determined fighters and cheerleaders to the end.