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HI, my name is Chantal, and my husband's name is Lee. I've been posting on the esophageal board for months now, but it seems like the majority of our problems are stemming from the liver mets. My husband is 49, esophageal cancer with mets to the liver, spleen, spine and ribs. He has given up on chemo, and is relying on palliative care for pain and symptom relief.
I am hoping that someone here can help me..

Lee's left foot started swelling about a month ago, nothing too alarming, we didn't even notice it until the doctor pointed it out at one of his visits. She immediately sent him for a doppler ultrasound, which ruled out a blood clot. (thank God)

Well, for the last couple of weeks, the swelling has gotten worse, way worse. Both his legs are significantly swollen, to the point where he can barely lift them, stand up or walk. He often needs help to get them onto the bed at the hospital. Today it seemed as if the swelling has reached his groin and abdomen.

The doctors have said that basically, his liver function is so low, the fluids are just not being processed and are pooling in his lower body. No one has offered any treatment options, or solutions. They have stopped the iv fluids, but are encouraging him to drink clear fluids. I would like to go in armed with information or suggestions when we see the doctor tomorrow. Has anyone experienced this, and if so, what should we expect from here? The doctors seem pretty grim, but have not given us any real answers about what to expect.

As a side note, his veins are all collapsed, and they are unable to give him fluids, transfusions or take blood work. They are hoping to move mountains and get a picc line put in on Monday. Perhaps having blood work done will help them to decide on a course of action.

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    I am so sorry to hear the
    I am so sorry to hear the struggles you were having. And that Lee has passed away. I read the postings on the other board & see that he was a fighter. My heart goes out to you & the family.