lack no muscle/leg control to use bathroom

kelli1843 Member Posts: 72
I'm on dexa (decatron) since my lung cancer met'd to mybrain in 6 places, causing problems with standing on my right leg. It is hard for kevin my boyfriend and my sistr karen to stand me to help me toilet at night. even in conjunction with using wheeled push walker.

i got call into main hospice whom i now call first about everything. we are discussing use of potty chair next to livingroom hospital bed, I wondered about urine bedpans. the thought of a catherater bothers me horribly.

i'm scared of falling in bathroom since that room is so small. do any of you have this worry or problem. it takes so long for either of them to support me. get me moving on weak scuffling leg that i worry about not making it in time. if it werent for this lack of ambulatory pee problem, i wouldn't be so bad off. id appreciate any help.