chemo # 7

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Hello ladies !!! I just finished chemo 7 today. My ca 125 is now at 110. Great news !! My ct showed residual cancer in 4 lymph nodes. Onc said 2 on the right under liver and gallbladder- 2 nodes on the left under stomach and duodenum. He also said these were really hard to get to. They were all less than 1 cm. He will watch these very closely and chemo will continue till ca 125 gets less than 34. Has anyone heard of this before ? Does residual mean the cancer is permanent or what was left over from the surgery? Onc also said taxotere would most likely be maintenance choice later and once a month for at least a year. I am also meeting with genetics soon for testing . Thanks ladies. As always appreciate the input and posts. JACKIE


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    I am happy
    your treatment is coming along. I cannot answer about residual cancer but it sounds like your onc is on top of it. Hope your number comes down quickly.