Posting for a newbie lost in the forum...

Hello all,
My name is Michelle and I usually post in the Caregivers board. Today we have a new poster that posted and said they were a little lost and are autistic as well as dyslexic. But is very concerned for his wife and I thought I would post his question here and someone here might be able to help him. If so, you may have to go to the caregivers board to post back to him or pm him. Thanks to anyone willing to step in here.

Here is a copy of his post, and his username is 'janack'.

can I but in here I have been lurking for a short while.
My wife was diagnosed two years ago with overian stage 4 cancer after year & half remission
it returned and curently on doxil everey 4 weeks, which does not seem to be working.She was told by her doctor today that it is not certain she will be able to continue with the treatment.Apart from alternitve dimensions does any one know of a diffrent treatment?She thinks she only a few months left and I have no idea what I can do to help.
By the way my spelling is B***dy awfull becuase of dyslexea and my emotional input is flawed due to autism and I couldent find a new thread to put this post I am lost help
all the best Janack


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    So sorry about your friend
    and his wife. I feel there are many other drugs she can try. Carboplantin and taxol are the standard and she probably had it before. Seek a second opinion and try a clinical trial. I hope this hekps. Tell your friend she is in my prayers..val