Off chemo!

Hi all,
Just wanted to share this great news to you that my mum is off chemo on the 2nd of nov if everything goes well after her 7th round of chemo carbo/taxol that she had yesterday. That would be a blessing! As she is stage 4, they will monitor her every 3 month to se if progression.. She is so happy and so am I! What a journey so far..

Any of you had trouble with your feet during chemo? Mum cant feel a thing in her feets at the moment, difficult to walk.. How long after chemo break will they recover? How long to hair starts to grow?

Happy thoughts from Sophie


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    Last chemo.
    From what the doc said, this tingling is part of a side effect. I think it is called neuropathy. It can be permanent. However I am sure that some people may get over it.
    My mom still has no hair and she goes on the 4th. It is most likely her last chemo also. We are very lucky.
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    Glad to hear your mom is doing well and is nearly finished with chemo. That stuff is pretty rough on your body but it will get better. I had trouble with walking from the neuropathy toward the end of my 6 rounds of taxol/ carboplatin. I talked with my doctor about it and he said the symptoms didn't peak until 3 months after your last treatment. It took awhile but it did get much better. The hair will come back quick. I had full eyebrows by 5-6 weeks after chemo was over, the eyelashes took a bit longer to get to full length. The head hair came back pretty quick too, I wasn't comfortable going out with out something on until about 3 months after chemo was over. By then it just looked like I had an extremely short cut. My hair came back much darker, thicker and curly. Hope this helps.
    So glad you are there for your mom.
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    Hi Sophie,
    I never did have

    Hi Sophie,

    I never did have the neuropathym, but I know that it's very common with the chemo. I do have a mild tingling in my toes at times, but that's all.

    I lost my hair after a few weeks of starting Carbo/Taxol but it probably took a few months to start to grown back. It's not grown back to look normal and my eyelashews mostly, and my eyebrows to some extent. I was on that chemo for 11 months altogether.

    Sorry I can't be of more help.

    Take care,