di anyone ever need an unrelated surgery during chemotherapy???

my dad just found he had recurrent rectal cancer to liver and lung...night before his first chemo treatment he was very tired and didnt look to good....next day chemo..that night elvated sugar and went to hospital to be checked...found out he had a urinary tract infection...we knew he had a bladder stone (day of his bladder surgery while he was waiting to go in, dr came in and said he read x-ray and that he has a tumor in his lung prob cancer!!!!!!) they didnt do surgery was in shock!!! (great doc) anyway fast forward..after first chemo and in hopital that night till 5 a.m. now exhausted went to work..next day had early dr appt so no sleep yet...pain is now back during urination and very frequently has to go even during night which is disrupting sleep...so very exhausted! seeing oncologist tomoro...my question is....does anyone think he should stop next round of chemo to have bladder stone removed?????? very concerned might be too weak with the stone during chemo!!!!


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    Shoot Tammy
    My daughter in law just had gall bladder surgery on Monday, she went in at 9:00 am and was out at 11:30 am, and is doing well. They did it as an outpatient surgery.
    So I'd talk to the onc tomorrow and wouldn't be too worried if he had to have the surgery, at least in my daughter in law's case, it seems to be a pretty straight forward surgery, she was up walking around, taking care of her son that same day. And it depends on what kind of chemo he is on. Best thing to do is ask onc.
    Best of luck to your father.
    Winter Marie
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    I think he should stop chemo
    I think he should stop chemo to have the surgery but only when the doc. feels he has enough enery to get through the surgery. So he might have to wait a while after stopping chemo. I had a blood clot (DVT) in my arm caused by the port anc Avastin. I stopped chemo immediately and had a couple of angioplasties done to clear the clot and then waited several weeks before starting chemo again.

    I hope thi helps.
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    We waited for my husbands....
    Pacemaker replacement (outpatient surgery). He was dx w/colorectal cancer 12/10 and they knew at that time that he was due a replacement. Well, report got "misplaced" by cardiologist, who told us to proceed with onco who started the chemo, then radiation, to shrink before resection/rectal surgery. Before he completed radiation, cardiologist "found" his report and decided, ....Oh my, we must proceed at once.... then decided that we had to wait till chemo was calmed in his system. So, it was mid May, 2011 when they finally decided to replace the pacemaker and the batteries, litteraly, died that day. He went into defib as they were wheeling him into the operating room. Pacemaker surgeon blamed it on the cardiologist who blamed it on the oncologist for taking too long with chemo. We just thanked God that he lived through it before he started his journey with cancer surgery in June, 2011.