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well after my appt. on november7 i will have a new one i am really sad i jokingly told my nurse i was going to become his stalker, i really don,t know what are the most important things to look for in a new lymphoma specialist, does anyone else know the no.1 things i should be looking for any help would be appreciated i hope this makes sense,i feel so bad i can't think. of the right way to spell. blessings denise


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    New Onc.
    Hey denise,
    You are doing fine with the way you spell. I have to go back after I write to see all my mistakes. Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don't. The most important thing is finding a good Onc. I am sure someone on here will guide you in the right direction on that. To be honest with you I went to the one I was refered too by my Urologist. I think I was lucky in that he happened to be a fine Onc. I least I think he is. I did not know which way to go when I was refered to my Dr. If I had to find another one it would be 60 miles away in Raleigh NC. I hope it never comes to rhat. I agree with you that if you are not satisfied seek another and hopefully better Dr. John
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    Hey Denise,
    You said in an earlier post that you are on "watch & wait", if you have to find another Onc this is a good time to be doing it! (Not that there is ever a "good" time). I don't know if there is 1 important thing, but I wanted one that was affiliated with the major hospital in my area because I felt I would get better testing, better equipment and better doctors. Universities sometimes have newer and more advanced treatments and trials, but some people may prefer a smaller, more personal environment of a smaller local hospital.

    Some suggestions:
    Do you have a major hospital or university hospital in your area? Most hospitals have online information for doctors that specialize in certain cancers.

    What about a Cancer Treatment Facility?

    Call your PCP or GYN and ask if they can refer you to someone.

    The important thing now is to get started! Best of Luck to you!
    Hope you are feeling better too!
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    What to look for...
    Hi Denise,
    I know how you feel getting a new Oncologist. My private doctor set me up with my first Oncologist and then 2 months later she left the cancer clinic without any warning or prior knowtice to any of her patients. I was on my second round of chemo and the whole situation of picking a new doctor was very overwhelming. The clinic gave me a new doctor and everything worked out fine, but it took time to get use to my new doctor and trust he would stay put. Sometimes we feel like we are just a number on an insurance form, but I'm happy to say the doctor I ended up getting has been very good and makes me feel comfortable. Go with your gut feeling...if a doctor appears to not care or cuts you short, speak up and be your own advocate. Most doctors are good, but if you ever get one that just doesn't feel right, then speak up and let him/her how you are feeling. Sometiomes it's just a matter of communicating to bring you closer to your doctors. They can't read our minds, as us with them, so keep the lines of communication flowing. If you find your doctor isn't willing to share information freely without you prying for information...speak up. Thats why it's good to take someone with you to appointments...makes it easier to speak your mind and have someone for back up support. Let us know how this goes for you. Much love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)
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    Hi Denise
    Hi Denise,
    You read my mind! lol. I was actually thinking of finding a new Oncologist because even though he is in a hospital with all the necessary equipment and should be one of the best hospitals in this area, I just don't feel he cares. He seems more scared than I am for myself or (not sure of himself that's what I'm trying to say). Since I'm also on the watch and wait a friend of mine recommended me another Dr. that treated his mom for the same illness. Well, will wish each other good luck and see how it goes!

    Hugs from TX.


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    Never "wait"
    The independent surgeon who performed a lymph node biopsy gave me the advice that saved my life: "If you ever hear the word 'wait' from a doctor, run for your life". That is precisely the word that I heard from a general oncologist, who thought I had a virus. I ran for my life. My wife had already made an appointment with a leukemia/lymphoma specialist at a large cancer center. That 'virus' turned out to be Non-Hodgkin Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma-NOS in stage IV. Had I waited, I would not have survived 2008.

    It is good advice to become your own advocate. Agitate. Don't settle for being blown off. That can be fatal. Seek out an oncologist who specializes in your exact malignancy and who has experience in successfully treating it.