Vit-D for pain.

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Hello Everyone.
I was at the Dr, yesterday and I asked about Vit-D for pain. I have been having allot of pain that started with chemo. And has gotten worse in the last few months. Knee, wrist, hips, muscle, joint. And yes I have had test done it is not Mets. Anyway, I read about Vit-D here on this forum. ( can't remember who wrote about it ) Dr told me that I can try Vit-D. She said to take 2000 units per day. I started taking it yesterday. I am curious if any one else has tried it. The research I did on the Net was promising. I started out on Arimedex, the pain in the bottom of my feet was debilitating and the joint pain was pretty bad also. Then I tried Femara, the pain in the bottom of my feet went away. Everything else got worse And add insomnia. So then I had a break for a month. Pain got better but didn't go away. Now I am trying Aromasin. Started that yesterday. I am hoping I tolerate this one better. Any information about Vit-D or any pain control would be appreciated.
I'm trying not to be wimpy but after almost two years of this pain I am about ready to cry uncle Thanks in advance Kay,


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    Never heard of this to control pain....I would think I would be pain free if it worked....I take 3000 units a day..let me know what the doc says...

    Wishing you pain free days..
    Hugs, Nancy
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    vit-d & pain
    I too take vit- d. I think it does help, but as you say, not completely. I started on femara and was switched to tamoxifen. I have alot of pain issues. I was on hydrocodone for a long time, but my onc. switched me to tramadol. This has helped as well and not as addictive. You are not being wimpy. Not everyone suffers these side effects. It is a constant search for advice and help in dealing with chronic pain. You might ask your dr. about tramadol. It does help me. I take one when I get home from work and one before bed.

    Best wishes,

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    While on Femara the pain was over the top. I was given a Fentalyn patch to wear, neurontin and do take oxycodone for break through. Pain is no fun to live with any length of time. I also take Vitamin D but I don't think it did anything for pain.

    Best wishes,

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    I've been on Vit D 2000 besides what I get in multi and other sources. Recently my dr told me to add another 1000 IUs. Mine is because it's low and I don't get enough sunshine. I've never been told it helps pain. Wishing you success. I'm on Anastrozole (Arimidex) but I already had joint pain from arthritis.
    {{hugs}} Char
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    Blood Test Vit D
    Hi Kay,
    I was at my primary care doc on Monday too! For the very same reason as you!! I went through chemo, rad, then had my ovaries removed. In Nov 2010, I started Arimidex generic. That's when all my pain started....and it's ALOT of pain/stiffness. I also take Calcium 1200mg and Vit D 1000iu every day. So Monday, I cried "UNCLE"-I just couldn't take it anymore. My chemo doc (who prescribed the Arimidex says I just need to deal with it-so I wasn't going to him for help). A couple of weeks ago, I had a blood test to check my Vit D level and it was very low 20, optimal is 40-100. I also read on this forum about a really high dose of Vit D helping with pain. So Monday, I talked with primary doc and she said she had heard that low levels of Vit D may cause some pain. She told me to keep taking the daily dose BUT prescribed 50,000iu once a week!!! She said the daily dose would never get my level up to where it should be. She also prescribed Cymbalta. Start with 30mg for a couple weeks then move to the recommended dose of 60mg/day. She said this will help with the pain and also make me just feel better overall. Well, I came home and googled "Arimidex and Cymbalta" and guess what?? There are many sites that confirm Cymbalta helps with side effects of Arimidex. I popped my first mega dose of Vit D and first Cymbalta on Monday....can't wait for a couple weeks to pass and see the results! I just know this will work.
    Sorry this is so long. I hope you get your Vit D level checked and I hope you see better days ahead!
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    I too am experiencing joint
    I too am experiencing joint and foot pain from taking Arimidex and I take vitamin D daily per my oncologist. I can't say that I notice that it helps much, but it doesn't seem to hurt. xoxoxo Lynn
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    lynn1950 said:

    I too am experiencing joint
    I too am experiencing joint and foot pain from taking Arimidex and I take vitamin D daily per my oncologist. I can't say that I notice that it helps much, but it doesn't seem to hurt. xoxoxo Lynn

    I as well, take Vit D for multiple reasons ...
    none of them for pain. Interesting SUBJECT.

    Thank you for sharing ...

    Vicki Sam
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    I too did that regiment and
    I too did that regiment and now am on Aromasin, the pain isn't fun and I do take Vit D but not for pain I am going to have to pay attention to how I feel when I miss taking it (which I am known to do)
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    I found this article

    I found this article
    I thought it was very interesting. Thanks every one Kay
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    High levels of Vitamin D helped me
    I used to experience pain in my legs and feet. My Vitamin D level checked out at 32 (borderline). I decided to increase my Vitamin D intake to see if it would help. It has helped significantly. I increased my intake to 7000 mg/day of Vitamin along with Calcium vitamins 1200 mg/day. Just last week while shopping at Sam's Club, I noticed they sell Vitamin D in 5000 mg and 10,000 mg doses. I will begin Arimidex next week. I asked my doctor if I started to experience acute pain from it if he would prescribe 50,000 mg Vitamin D. He said he would.

    Below is a similar article on Vitamin D (which shows the success of pain reduction in breast cancer patients who are taking aromatase inhibitors.

    I hope this helps.