Vectibix only as 3rd line...

Hi everyone, I haven't posted on this board for a while but keep an eye on files, rejoicing at the good news when it comes!
Unfortunately I am the bearer of sad news myself - Folfox (after Folfiri) has stopped working for my mum, the liver tumours are growing and the onc is now only giving her Vectibix (even though we don't know the KRAS mutation)for 'comfort'.
So the end of the road is getting closer for us. Very hard to keep hoping when there doesn't seem to be any hope anymore. And very afraid of what's coming our way.
Will try and get her into a clinical trial but not sure we will find one.
Sad times, hard times. If you're fighting out there please fight even harder - you can win this, some of you do. My mum may not win in the end but she wants to live and to me that's a victory in itself.
Damn you, cancer.


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    I'm sorry.
    Your mum is strong. Praying that vectibix will really make a difference. The majority of people are "not" kras mutant. Hoping there will be a clinical trial available like you said. Will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us posted.