Unusual 4th Stage Stomach Cancer Patient- Amazing actually

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I am not really sure if this is the correct forum to post this inquiry. I have a rather unusual, perhaps it is not unusual. I have a dear friend whose Grandmother has 4th Stage Stomach Cancer, which has metastasized to the following regions: 2 mets on both lungs, liver, bile duct, and several clusters of tumors in her breasts. She has been on Hospice care for several months, and doctors have said that she has been on death's door numerous times. This afternoon my friend went to be at her bedside as medical professionals said she would most likely not make it through the day. He stayed with her for several hours: shallow breathing, non-responsive, and she had a weak pulse. This was at 2:00 PM. At 5:00 PM a caregiver couldn't locate her in her house, she was in the shower. She got out of the shower, unassisted, and insisted and on playing Bingo. She the proceeded to get dressed, went and played bingo, ate french fries and drank soda. She has not been eating anything more than broth, and ice chips.

I have heard of stage 4 cancer patients getting a 'second wind,' however this seems rather amazing. I don't want to over analyze this, but after searching several websites, and a few medical journals, I have never seen a story comparable to this. If anyone has heard of or experienced anything like this I would love to hear from you.

On a personal note, my Grandmother and Grandfather have both died of cancer, and there are several cancer survivors in my family. I commend each and everyone of you for your strength, and dedication to you loved ones. I thank you if I receive a response to this most unusual query.

Thank you and God Bless



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    Welcome David
    Hi David,

    I have heard of stories similar to this. Many years ago, I had a
    friend who was in hospice and the charge nurse went through his medications
    and changed them up quite a bit. Within days, he was eating, showering and doing
    for himself. He'd been so "doped up" I think prior to this change, he
    was able to do very little. We were able to do things together like occasionally
    see a movie, I'd take him shopping, etc. and he eventually moved back to
    Arkansas to live with his parents.

    He lived for two years after this so I thank the person who changed up those meds.
    So maybe there's been a change in her meds that have made her feel better?

    I've also heard that some patients, shortly before they leave us, have
    a second wind or period where they feel better, are lucid, etc. and then they
    go. It's like they've been given or took a "break" long enough to have
    some normalcy and time with loved ones before they say "goodbye".

    None of this is scientific - just my experience and what I've heard/read.

    I'm sure others will have stories to share.

    It is also possible your friends grandmother is getting better - let's hope :).

    Thanks for your post and you guys are most welcome here.