Pulling for lots of prayers and hugs for Rita in her loss!

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To all,

I post in request of prayers and hugs for Rita (ritawaite13) as her loving husband Greg, has passed. She will need our prayers and support to help her through and to lift her up. Hugs to you Rita and my heart is with you. Much love to you!



  • jimwins
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    Big Hugs, Rita
    Rita, so sorry Greg has passed.

    I hope the most wonderful and musical light
    streams down into your darkness, shines into your soul
    and brings you peace at this time.

    I made a post awhile back on the Grief and Bereavement board
    that has what I think are helpful sites relating to grief.
    This is the link to that post:


    Again, my sympathies in Greg's passing.

    Big hugs,

  • ddpekks
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    My heart is heavy.....
    For Rita. Every cliche' I go to type just doesn't sound right. What do you say when someone loses their beloved to this horrible disease?

    I pray that you find peace, Rita, and I'm here if you ever need to bend an ear.