Genetically predisposed to cancer

I saw my oncologist recently and she told me she thinks I'm genetically predisposed to cancer as I've just recently been diagnosed with my third different cancer. The silver lining is that they've all been caught early enough. Wondering if any one else has heard this from their onco or any other Dr's? I have consult for genetic screening coming up but will need to have my insurance cover it before I have the actual testing done.


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    There is serious research being done on the genetic and epigenetic impact on chances of getting cancer. To my mind, and I am no researcher or doctor, there are three legs on the cancer tripod: genetics, environment, and behavior.

    My mom did from BC metastasis to her brain. She was a 20 year survivor of breast cancer. Three of her sisters also succumbed to this same disease, and when my mom passed both of my sisters were advised to keep their eyes open for the disease. One of my sisters, sure enough, is a BC survivor.

    In fact, I believe they now have tests to check for certain markers that indicate a genetic proclivity for BC.

    So while I have not heard those words from my doctors, I have heard them and more than once.

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    Hi Sunshine

    Wow sorry to hear that and hope you are going well now. I had my cancer come back three times but it was the same cancer and almost in the same place each time. I am hoping that my cancer can’t be passed down to my children, but from what I see of it in other counties it can.

    Take care