Vicodin is not my friend!!!

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I just can't take it anymore! The nausea and then yesterday I started throwing up, what a setback. Even in the hospital they had to give me anti-nausea meds to go with it. No matter how much food I had on my stomach I just couldn't tolerate it. So now I'm just going to take the extra strength Tylenol. I'd rather deal with more pain then nausea. Anyone else have this problem? My husband did call yesterday and the doctor on call prescribed Tramadol which did nothing at all for the pain. :(


  • ams123
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    I had this problem with percocet, even after I stopped taking it I was nauseous for days. Luckily my pain wasn't so bad that I needed it, I mainly just took tylenol. See if you can get some zofran or compazine for the nausea.
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    No friend of mine either...
    Hi Deb,

    I knew from past history that Vicodin did not work for me so I made sure that was known up front. I was on Morphine for a few days following the accident that led to my RCC diagnosis and I hated that, they switched to Percocet which worked well for me with minimal side effects. Once I was off the heavier drugs they prescribed Tramadol but, like you, I didn't feel it helped at all. Long slow walks in the snow (it was December) seemed to help, I think it took my mind off it plus exercise was good therapy.

    It gets better, I promise,

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    Yep had that too!!!
    Dear Neenee: I would definately call your doctor for some antinausea meds.... Luckily mine only lasted about a week or so after...:) Unfortunately you still need to try and eat something, toast worked good for me... no milk though...

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    Will sympathy help?
    neenee -

    I was in your same boat - almost all the pain meds make me sick. I would definitely recommend some Zofran if you really need the pain meds. Don't try to tough it out on Tylenol if it's not enough for you - sitting around in pain slows the healing (in my opinion.) I had lap surgery, took pain meds the first two nights I was home and was able to get through on Tylenol after that.
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    Don't deal with the


    Don't deal with the pain, there has to be something that you can tolerate. I didn't have any problems with the vicodin. Call back, they
    need to give you something that works. Oxycodone?
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    I hear you
    and yes, same with me. I asked for prescription strength ibuprofin - you take less pills but with a bigger payback. I quit the 'big dog' pain medication within a week out of the hospital (I don't do 'gag and puke' well) and the Ibuprofin did pretty well.