I'm losing my battle to be strong for my husband

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I am so lonely and lost these days. We don't have much hope and I am trying to be strong for him but when he tears up at the least little thing it breaks my heart. We made a purchase of a large item and I was going to put it in the car and a man came by and asked if he could put it in the car for us. When he finished he told my husband to take care of himself!!! At the time we couldn't figure out how he knew???? Then I remembered we were parked in the handicap parking and I thought he might have seen him walking very slowly and carefully in the store!!! It's thos moments that break my heart to see him cry because he can't do what he has always done.... Where am I going to find the strength to get through this????


  • ddpekks
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    slg....wish I could help you.
    I wish I had some brilliant words to make you feel better, but all I have is understanding and a willingness to hear you out. This disease takes so much from so many and I know that watching a strong, strapping man grieve for his old self is very hard to do.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and hang in there. Take one day at a time and come here every day, every hour, or whatever it takes to talk it out. We are here to listen.

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    keep the sensitivity forever
    Instead of thinking you are weak, it's probably more accurate to say your heart is growing as you learn how it feels to care for someone who needs you so much. Yesterday I talked Mom into accepting a wheelchair to do a department store errand. Yes, I saw people looking at her (she is obviously not well) but what does it matter? I often sense among these strangers a shared sense of compassion, with many of them stirred to remember a loss of their own. You are part of something much bigger, and you will get through this and keep a new sensitivity forever. Love hurts.