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Hello friends,

I am visitng from the colon cancer board..Stage III c diagnosed 4 years ago. I am sending a friend to this board in hopes of the kind of support and education I get from the colon board. My friend had stage II breast cancer (I'm not sure how long ago it was diagnosed and treated (chemo brain on my part). She recently found out it is now Stage 4, in her bones, lungs and spleen. They are planning on radiation that will help with the pain and chemo. Any suggestions on how I may help her get thru this. She has a wonderful supportive husband, family and friends who I hope will also visit this site.

Keeping you all in my prayers,


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    Good Friend You Are...
    Best advice I could give is to do for her what you have found to be most comforting to you in your fight with this awful disease....just be there for her.... An ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on....or cry on....perhaps once she starts treatment, you could start a "meal chain"....with friends and family taking meals several times a week....that takes a huge load off the family.....offers of house cleaning, laundry,etc....encourage people to send cards....have someone start an online "update" so she and the family aren't repeating the same story over and over again....perhaps giving an update once a week....offers to run errands, to the drug store, grocery shopping....

    Personally, I find it hard to ask for help, as I think most women I would say, just do! Even just dropping off some basic, milk, bread, eggs...etc....

    She's lucky to have you as a friend....
    Hugs, Nancy